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Bad Company sera sur scène près de 1:26. Voici la setlist probable d'après les précédents concerts (99% de probabilité):

Titre Chanson
  1. 10 From 6 cover Can't Get Enough
  2. Run With The Pack cover Live for the Music
  3. 10 From 6 cover Movin' On
  4. Straight Shooter cover Feel Like Makin' Love
  5. Live 1977 & 1979 cover Burnin' Sky
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy: The Very Best Of Bad Company cover Run With the Pack
  7. All The Young Dudes cover Ready for Love (Mott the Hoople cover)
  8. Desolation Angels cover Gone, Gone, Gone
  9. Straight Shooter cover Shooting Star
  10. Desolation Angels cover Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
  11. Fire And Water cover All Right Now (Free cover)
  12. Rappel #1

  13. Bad Company cover Bad Company

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