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Top 10 des chansons les plus jouées par New Kids on the Block lors des 40 derniers concerts.

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Les chansons qui vont être jouées live ont été publiées sur les albums suivants:

Prochaine Setlist

New Kids on the Block sera sur scène près de 4:11. Voici la setlist probable d'après les précédents concerts (80% de probabilité):

Titre Chanson
  1. Block Party cover Block Party
  2. Hangin' Tough cover My Favorite Girl
  3. The Block cover Dirty Dancing
  4. The Block cover Summertime
  5. Hangin' Tough cover Cover Girl
  6. Hangin' Tough cover You Got It (The Right Stuff)
  7. Rappel #1

  8. no cover My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
  9. Funky Divas cover Free Your Mind (En Vogue cover)
  10. Rappel #2

  11. Whenever You Need Somebody cover Together Forever (Rick Astley cover)
  12. Whenever You Need Somebody cover It Would Take a Strong Strong Man (Rick Astley cover)
  13. Rappel #3

  14. no cover House Party / New Kids on the Block / Hold On / Full Service / Return of the Mack / Call It What You Want
  15. 10 cover Remix (I Like the)
  16. Rappel #4

  17. Very Necessary cover None of Your Business (Salt‐N‐Pepa cover)
  18. Blacks' Magic cover Let's Talk About Sex (Salt‐N‐Pepa cover)
  19. A Salt With A Deadly Pepa cover Shake Your Thang (Salt‐N‐Pepa cover)
  20. Very Necessary cover Whatta Man (Salt‐N‐Pepa cover)
  21. Rappel #5

  22. Super Hits cover Please Don't Go Girl
  23. Step By Step cover Games
  24. Step By Step cover Tonight
  25. Rappel #6

  26. Whenever You Need Somebody cover Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley cover)
  27. Playlist: The Very Best Of Rick Astley cover Cry for Help (Rick Astley cover)
  28. Rappel #7

  29. Very Necessary cover Shoop (Salt‐N‐Pepa cover)
  30. Rappel #8

  31. Step By Step cover Baby, I Believe in You
  32. The Delfonics cover Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) (The Delfonics cover)
  33. Greatest Hits cover Valentine Girl
  34. Face The Music cover If You Go Away
  35. Hangin' Tough cover I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
  36. Rappel #9

  37. Born To Sing cover Hold On (En Vogue cover)
  38. Rappel #10

  39. Step By Step cover Step by Step
  40. Rappel #11

  41. Push It! cover Push It (Salt‐N‐Pepa cover)
  42. Rappel #12

  43. no cover Hangin' Tough / We Will Rock You
  44. Rappel #13

  45. no cover Bring Back the Time

New Kids on the Block Carte de Tournée 2022

Suivez New Kids on the Block autour du monde. Découvrez les villes où vous pourrez voir New Kids on the Block en tournée.
23 concerts à venir, dans les pays suivants: États-Unis, Canada, etc.

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