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Greg Laswell sera sur scène près de 1:16. Voici la setlist probable d'après les précédents concerts (37% de probabilité):

Titre Chanson
  1. How The Day Sounds (ep) cover What a Day
  2. Three Flights From Alto Nido cover And Then You
  3. Three Flights From Alto Nido cover How the Day Sounds
  4. Take A Bow cover Lie to Me
  5. Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet cover Dodged a Bullet
  6. Hips And Makers cover Your Ghost (Kristin Hersh cover)
  7. Next Time cover Super Moon
  8. Three Flights From Alto Nido cover Sweet Dream
  9. Take A Bow cover Off I Go
  10. Through Toledo cover Sing, Theresa Says
  11. Three Flights From Alto Nido cover Comes and Goes (In Waves)
  12. Take A Bow cover Take a Bow
  13. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Single cover Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  14. Through Toledo cover High and Low

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