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Top 10 des chansons les plus jouées par The Dubliners lors des 40 derniers concerts. Découvrez The Dubliners, écoutez les hits: ()

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Les chansons qui vont être jouées live ont été publiées sur les albums suivants:

Prochaine Setlist

The Dubliners sera sur scène près de 2:56. Voici la setlist probable d'après les précédents concerts (9% de probabilité):

Titre Chanson
  1. Live cover The Fermoy Lassies / Sporting Paddy
  2. no cover Seven Drunken Nights ([traditional] cover)
  3. no cover The Rare Auld Mountain Dew (Edward Harrigan cover)
  4. no cover The Ferryman (Pete St. John cover)
  5. Heydays cover Fiddler's Green (Tim Hart and Maddy Prior cover)
  6. no cover The Belfast Hornpipe / The Swallow's Tail ([traditional] cover)
  7. no cover Poem for Luke
  8. no cover Kelly the Boy From Killan ([traditional] cover)
  9. Black And White cover Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl cover)
  10. Dublin City Ramblers Live cover The Rare Auld Times (Dublin City Ramblers cover)
  11. no cover When the Boys Come Rolling Home (Tommy Sands cover)
  12. no cover Farewell Shanty
  13. no cover Billy in the Lowground / The Moving Cloud ([traditional] cover)
  14. no cover The Monto ([traditional] cover)
  15. Rappel #1

  16. Irish Drinking Songs cover All for Me Grog ([traditional] cover)
  17. A Time To Remember cover Remembering Ciarán
  18. no cover Bainne na mBó
  19. no cover Peggy Lettermore ([traditional] cover)
  20. no cover Farewell to Harstad
  21. no cover Feathered Gael / Jackie Coleman's Reel
  22. no cover I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me ([traditional] cover)
  23. The Dubliners cover Rocky Road to Dublin
  24. no cover A Pint of Plain
  25. no cover Finnegan's Wake ([traditional] cover)
  26. no cover Sketch of a Dubliner
  27. no cover McAlpine's Fusiliers (Dominic Behan cover)
  28. no cover Cooley's Reel / The Dawn / The Mullingar Races ([traditional] cover)
  29. no cover The Black Velvet Band / Dicey Reilly / The Marino Waltz / The Irish Rover ([traditional] cover)
  30. Whiskey In The Jar cover Whiskey in the Jar ([traditional] cover)
  31. Rappel #2

  32. Rhythm & Moods cover The Wild Rover ([traditional] cover)
  33. Scarborough Fair - Songs From The British Isles cover Molly Malone ([traditional] cover)

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